Friday, March 5, 2010

Date Night - Spicing It Up!!!!

Hey Covenant Groupies,

As you all know, Kevin and I utilize our Friday's as our "Date Night's" and we'll incorporate so many things into our date nights to keep them fresh, fun and HOT! We'll starting tonight, the next three date nights will be spent in "Love Dare" workshops. Our Church's marriage ministry is hosting a 3-part workshop based on the film, "Fireproof" and the resource used in the movie, a book called, "Love Dare."

We will be exploring loving, honoring, respecting, forgiving and a host of other god-centered characteristics and how they will, not only strengthen our marriages, but stregnthen our hearst to "be" for our spouses even when we dont think they deserve it; even when they are reciprocating the same actions or feelings.

Hopefully, you've seen the film, but if you haven't, this resource challenged an unhappy, angry, non-Christian and verbally abusive husband to demonstrate a type of love he had never known to a wife thats slowly slipping away.

We are going to enjoy sharing with you all that God's doing with and throught us as we dare to do and be more for one another and others.

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