Thursday, March 25, 2010

Covenant Marriage: A Serious Series #4

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Today Pastor Michael Cooper will be discussing "Investing Our Lives" in our marriages. It's unfortunate to some and great for others but, you can truly tell what someone values by the investment they put into it. Time with others or with you, words of encouragement shared with others or with you, bestowing love and respect on others or on you, energy on others or on you. You follow where we're going, right?

We invest in stock for future sake, we invest in our children for legacy sake, we invest in our cars in order to keep moving and to be safe, as well we need to question what we invest into our marriages and our spouses.

There's nothing more meaningful than for the person your with to feel valued; to know that you are invested and investing in them. When you do that, your spouse knows that they matter because of all the things in life that we can recoupe, we can never get back time. Investing in anything is about time, energy, love and sometimes money that's why it must be spent intentionally and lovingly. Ultimately, you want to see a return on your investment, right?

Check out the video.

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