Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Blizzard: Our Spiritual Marker Moment

Hey Covenant Groupies,

This weekend Kevin and I were immersed in each other, not just because we wanted to be, but because we were snowed in. What a great excuse huh! We talked, watched movies, ate and talked some more. It was in the talking that we hit another spiritual marker in our relationship. We talked about EVERYTHING from our trying to have babies to infidelity. WHOA!! That was no joke!

We’ve always had conversations about babies and trying to have them, so this weekend was just an update on how we’ve been feeling when it comes to getting pregnant.
On the infidelity note, we’ve always had light conversations about it, because we never put ourselves in such a scenario. So, on Saturday we just happened to see an episode of the show “Cheaters.” After watching it and empathizing with the victim, we started discussing being put in the same position in past relationships, as well as being the betrayer. After talking over our possible responses to the infidelity, we agreed that we are both SUPER crazy when it comes to infidelity and we don’t take it lightly. We can totally understand some of the responses we’ve, either heard about or seen.

Then we hit the RED HOT button question: Have you ever considered cheating on me? We both asked the question. Who in their right mind would ask such a question? I guess a person who wants the truth and not so concerned about condemning the other person for being honest; a person wanting to give and receive freedom in their relationship.

Kevin then shared that during our really tough times, he’s considered it. I won’t lie to you, initially it hurt me badly to hear that he’s gone that far in his mind to even contemplate cheating on me. Why? Was life so difficult that that level of escapism was even a choice? I guess so – for him. However, we’ve live and loved based on honesty, so I shared that cheating has never crossed my mind. I know just how difficult marriage was for us for a time, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but infidelity has not been am option for me.

What I have come to love about what God has done with us is that we are so very honest with one another. Do I believe some things don’t slip through the cracks? No! But I do appreciate that Kevin feels safe enough to share something so powerful with me and not feel condemned; that he can walk away from the conversation with strength and dignity.

Never in my life would I ever think I’d enjoy talking about unfaithfulness with a smile on my face with no confrontation at all. This weekend was a true spiritual marker for us. Please allow one of God’s beautiful day to become one for you and your spouse.

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