Thursday, March 11, 2010

QUESTION OF THE DAY! - Honoring God, Your Spouse and Your Marriage During Conflict

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Ok, so we switched the QOD from yesterday to today so that we could post the story of the world's longest married couple. So, on to today.

For a while, Kevin and I had often found, not only with ourselves, but with other couples, that we would disassociate honoring God, our spouse and our Marriage in how we handled conflict in order to make our point. It never amounted to reconciliation, just more arguing. The longer we we've been married, peace has defnitely overriden point-making sgnificantly. We do, however, slip back into some old habits when it's really deep.

We talked about this briefly last week at our Love Dare workshop. We studied Hebrews 13:4 as a guide to practical ways to esteem and highly value our marriage.

So, the QOD is: How do you handle conflict in your marriage? Do you escape, deny, become brutally honesty, spew angry attacks, surrender, offer loving acceptance, become sarcastic, resort to substance abuse, welcome long talks or offer a humble apology?

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