Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who Gets/Deserves Respect?

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Yeah Groupies I've been away for a while getting a great deal of work done. Most of it required that I be on set with client Kim Fields and I took some much needed time to re-group. Thanks so much for bearing with me.

I must tell you though about something that happened a few days ago that was so annoying. I had a conversation with a friend and we had some troubling dialogue. Allow me to invite you in.

Her: I'm tired of my husband asking so much of me. Doesn't he realize that I work a 9to5 just like him?

Me: What's he asking?

Her: For dinner, more alone time away from the kids, etc.

BREAK: her list was long, but totally not unreasonable

Me: Have you guys talked about this.

Her: Yes, but it just turns into an argument and quite frankly, I'm tired of having this discussion.

Me: At work, when your supervisor asks you to do something do you tell him "No" or argue about working a 9to5?

Her: Heck no, he signs my check.

Ok, now you all know that this just hit a HUGE nerve with me. It boggles my mind how we, women, will honor every other man, but leave the scraps for our husbands. We will honor our fathers, bosses, family friends, clergy (all rightfully so), but will pick. And choose moments to respect and honor our husbands.

We took very sacred vows, yet when it's time to live them out we just don't remember any of them.

Do we egotistically apply value to respect? Is that why our husbands fare so poorly in that area even though he, covenant, deserves it?

I have much more to say about this but I have to go now. Will pick back up tomorrow, but SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS MATTER please.
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