Monday, December 15, 2008

Why This Title for The Blog?

Hey Gang,

Welcome to One Marriage Three People. We're in for a fun ride.

There are 2 Reasons for the title:

1) “Believing that marriage is a covenant intended by God to be a lifelong fruitful relationship between a man and a woman, we vow to God, to each other, our families and our community to remain steadfast in unconditional love, reconciliation and sexual purity, while purposefully growing in our covenant marriage relationship.”

2) One Marriage Three People - It’s ambiguous and seemingly suspect because it has to be. It speaks to what a marriage it truly supposed to be despite what your upbringing, friends & family and past relationships have revealed to you. It rather easy to bring all of the dysfunction from our former lives into our marriages and expect our spouse to just get on board. Let me know how that works our for you.

We must refrain from trying to force some of our misguided perspectives on our spouse, but instead, be willing to be remolded by God.

The joining of man and woman is a curious mystery. It’s a Covenant created by God for His glory. The Covenant of marriage is one unit and in that unit you have the husband, the wife and God. That’s the message we want to drive home on this blog. How many people REALLY look at marriage that way? I remember standing face to face with my husband-to-be, on our beautiful wedding day, thinking how absolutely happy I was that we took pre-marital counseling. It was so necessary. It was the perfect start, yet it could not have prepared Kevin and me for many of the things we were soon to encounter. However, our foundation and truth was in God and not in our parents, friends, TV, magazines etc. Otherwise, I would have ruined this man’s life and he could have possibly ruined mine.

According one of my favorite authors, Mr. Phil Waugh - “Couple’s its imperative that we understand the purpose of marriage from God’s perspective; the promise of God to be with us; the power of God to enable us; the Peace of God to sustain us; the protection of God for those of us who rest in Him; the provisions of God flowing through us – not only to each other, but to others as well; the pleasure that God desires for us to experience as a couple; and the perseverance God provides to keep us moving from a mundane marriage to an extraordinary one.”

Author Gary Thomas shares, “God’s purpose for marriage is not merely our personal happiness, but that our marriages reflect His image and point people to Him. Our marriages must seek to model God’s sacrificial, gracious and committed love in our daily lives. We must, as couples, seek to understand the ministry of marriage and all of its categories of life altering topics. As we do this, we must commit ourselves to depend on God’s enabling power and love to help us live out His purposeful design for marriage.”