Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Love - Family, Fun and Food - Oh Yeah and Wii

HAPPY NEW YEAR Covenant Groupies,

I do hope you all had an amazing, peace-filled and blessed Christmas and New Year! Kevin and I spent the holiday with family. We were with my brother, sister-in-law and neices and nephew. There's a new nephew coming in about 8-weeks. YAYYYYYY!!!!!! Will keep you posted.

I noticed that my last post was last year LOL! Once I master how to post from my phone, I'll be more consistent when I can't make it to my computer.

We went over on Christmas Eve and didn't go home until Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, Kevin and I worked - as much as we could. Then our nieces and nephew came over on Wednesday. Kevin and I decided to take the babies out for the day. We spent the entire afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History. WOW what a day! The kids couldn't handle all of the excitement of such a HUGE place, but they so enjoyed themselves.

We came back home to watch "Planet 51" and "Call of the Wild."

We then went to church Thursday evening and brought in the New Year at New York Covenant Church. Da bomb!!!!

And wouldn't you know it, we went back to my brother's after leaving church and didn't come home until Saturday evening.

Now I need to let you all in on a little secret. Kevin and I were introduced to Wii. Oh my Gosh, how we're hooked now! Between the boxing, baseball, golf, tennis, bowling and table tennis, we are hooked! Not to mention our body aches like crazy. What a workout!

As a Chef, my brother could have cooked, but instead we ate out and loved it. We didn't want him to be stuck in the kitchen while we all had the fun.

I just noticed how many exclamation marks I have in this post. I guess that tells you just how much of an amazing time we had.

Oh and don't let me forget, we took time to discuss marriage, prayer and how we could help other couples in and out of our church.

What could be better than this for the holiday?

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