Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hey Covenant Groupies,

During my morning reading, I read this in my devotional.

"Credibility in our lives cannot be bought; it's something we must work for. We may be able to borrow credibility for a while by associating with credible people, but sooner or later we will need our own.
Credibility has to do with the ability to elicit belief. The reason it's essential for Christians is that our lives affect God's reputation. When we call ourselves by Christ's name, His reputation is tied to ours. If people have reason to not believe us, they may not believe God. The way to earn credibilty is to live honorably. Then others will believe and glorify God."

I read this over sentence by sentence and our marital relationships came to mind. Oftentimes, we may want to elicit the belief that our relaionships are great by associating with other couples who have it all together, but sooner or later, we'll have to put the work in. God commands and demands it, because His reputation is associated with ours.

For others to believe that marriage is difficult, is the truth - would God not be glorified by that truth? For others to hear some of the struggles we endure now and in the past; which ultimately bring God glory - will He not be pleased? For others to see their trials as temporary, but sometimes necessary and honorable. Will God not see them through based on your transparency anf honesty?

Your Christian Marriages - Are you building them based on credibility? Do you believe God is pleased with your private mariatl life? Why or why not?

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