Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marital Accountability - An Absolute Need!!!!

Hey Covenant Groupies,

How are you today? Kevin and I are groovin' to "Groove Theory." No pun intended!!WOW! I forgot just how much I love Amel Larrieux.

Anyhoo, I've been contemplating how, why and with whom we married folks share our struggles, issues and shortcomings when we know that our spouse may not be the right person, at the time. We all need someone who holds us accountable.

Marriage is far too complex to believe that we can live in a bubble and solve some of our issues on our own. A same-sex accountability partner is manadatory! Preferably, someone who's not going to tell you just what you want to hear, but one who'll call you on the carpet and Biblically challenge your wrong, perception and/or decision, especially if they're not scriptually sound.

I recently spoke to a wife who was clearly concerned that her husband was seeking to speak to another man with an issue that had arisen in their marriage. Although delighted that he'd seek another perspective, her biggest fear was that the men he would have chosen to hold him accountable would not have forced him to consider his ways as being selfish and unloving. Was her fear justified? I believe so. If your spouse doesn't have Christ centered friends and accountabilty partners, please begin to pray that the Lord sends them some. Otherwise, like this wife, the fear is that you'll have your very PERSONAL information, literally in the wrong hands sharing some form of perverted advice.

Our spouses will not share EVERYTHING with us; conversely there are those who feel they need to share EVERY thought that comes to mind. The Bible says that, "No one wants to hear everything thats on your mind." As well, there will be times when they will share it with someone else and afterwhich, they'll be able to bring it to us in a way that we can receive, understand and feel validated.

As long as we're clear about this fact, praying for strong, Christian, clear-minded and wise friends and accountability partners for our spouses is what we need to do.

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