Monday, January 11, 2010

Expectations - Our Fantasy and God's Reality

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Just recently, I was reading a book about marriage and realistic, unrealistic expectations and unmet needs. While reading it, it immediately brought back memories of expectations I had early on in our marriage. I remember clearly, how I, a newly married women, as grounded as I thought I was, I wanted and needed Kevin to meet all of my needs. No matter how grandiouse or simplistic, if he didn't meet them, there was an issue. I' lay it on thick with him, I'd be sad and distant and we'd nevr get to the heart of what was wrong.

I put so much pressure on him to be my savior; my Holy Spirit. He couldn't live up to any of them and I thought that something was wrong with him and that I had married the wrong man. It took a while, but I soon decided to seek the Lord and find out exactly what expectations were real and which ones belong to Him and which ones belong to Kevin.

I must be honest, some of them surprised me. For example, each time I had an issue, I didn't have to take them to Kevin. I can just lay at God's feet and He'd take care of them. Kevin would be none the wiser and peace would reign in our lives and home.

What a revelation and what a change in our marriage!!!!

God's reality superceded my fantasy. Can you ask for anything more.

Share some of your early expectations and your reality now.

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