Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Full Disclosure: Consider it an Ally

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Sorry for the delay. Kevn and I had an amazing house guest, we had a client in town, and some ministry things to take care of. All of that has prohibited me from getting back to you about "Date Night" or anything else that's been on my mind. Boy, I can't wait to figure out hw to blog from my phone. HELP!!!!!

Unfortunately, we didn't have "Date Night" because "Mr. Man" had to work late. But we did have a geat weekend with our guest and family.

Right now, I'm headed to a booksigning with client Pastor Jamal Bryant, here in NYC. He's been a client for several weeks now and I'm clear about hissordid past, but last night at his second NYC booksigning, he was unwavering in his transparency about his infidelity with his wife. He spoke about how disappointed his father was in him and it was at that moment that he knew things were REALLY bad.

He confessed to the Lord, his wife, his family and his church. He shared how his 12 year old daughter while surfng the net found some interesting things about her dad and asked, "Daddy is this true about you."

He knew he had to and could only take full rsponsibilty for his actions.

As he spoke, it made me wonder how do we pinpoint the moment when we realize things have gotten BAD? We may not have the country tappin' through the web with the ability to find out our dirty little secrets, but nonetheless, we will eventually have to come clean.

For Pastor Bryant, it was his dad. Who is it for you? Who makes you see that your wrong is also their wrong and coming clean is the only thing left to do? Is it God, your spouse, a friend, your chldren your parents etc? Why does this person affect you so?

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mamamiki7 said...

I think it can be either one of those depending on the person and there surroundings