Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey Covenant Groupies,

I know the Question of the Day is reserved for Wednesday's, but I couldn't get to a computer until after 12am yesterday. Afterwhich, all I could think of was sleep. Anyhoo, the question is specifically for the ladies this week.

I have such a deficit when comes to disrespectng my husband, publicly or privately. And I become absolutely enraged when I see women do it and think that it's ok; that it won't have a lasting effect on how he thinks you see and think of him. A look that says, why couldn't you be more? Why are you so small? When did you become useless to me; to us?

What man deserves to be immasculated, embarrassed or useless? What man deserves his woman to look him in the face and question his manhood, his role and his authority as the head?

Waht do you do daily to intentionally make your husband feel and believe he is a man, the man, a respected man; a man that you can believe in?

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