Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My First Love - Praying for My Husband and Others

Hey Covenant Groupies,

As Christians, if you've not already experienenced it, you will. There will be a time in your walk when you'll feel tremendously apathetic when it comes to prayer. When I first heard a Pastor say this years ago, I NEVER thought that would be me. But in 2009, I totally struggled in my prayer life and it bothered and hurt me so much. How I got to this place, I don't know. When I got there, I'm not sure of that either, but thank God for His mercy during this time and for convicting my heart and giving me a passion for prayer.

Around September, I couldn't stop asking for "My First Love" to return. God not only answered my prayer, but He started with my family. I began to freely and lovingly praying for my family, then friends, then marriages and so forth. God has brought it back strong too.

I could go on forever, but I just wanted to share one of the prayers I used to pray for Kevin when we first got married. I recently found it and wanted to include you in my journey. It brought back some amazing memories for me. It short and specific.


Lord, I thank you for my Kevin. Help him to trust you with all his heart and not to depend on his own understanding. May he seek your will in all that he does. Direct his plans.

His hard work and provision for his family are a blessing. Help him to fear You and turn his back on evil. Give him the desire to honor You with his wealth so that out household will be overflowing wth yur abundance.

When You discipline Kevin, Lord, help him not to be disouraged but to delight in your correction. May he desire Your wisdom above wealth and fame.

Help him, Lord, to focus on good planning and insight. Give him compassion to help the needy. Guard his tongue and his heart. Keep him humble befre You. May his upright life of integrity bring honor and blessing on our household. May he have eyes of love only for me. Fix Kevin's heart on you. Amen.

Adapted from proverbs 1-4

"Lord, I Wish My Husband Would Pray With Me."By Larry Keefauver, D.Min

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