Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fireproof Date Night - Never Leave Your Partner Behind

Hey Covenant Groupies,

As we watched “Fireproof” this past Friday with our church, the movie continues to remind me of so many things that require so much of us as humans, such as: keeping the parasites out of our marriages, making sure there’s no gossip about your spouse to your family, co-workers and friends, live with a heart of selfless sacrifice, recognize and keep abreast of the many differences between men and women, our Covenant marriage vows, unconditional love and respect amongst many other things.

This film covered every area that the enemy would seek to destroy and cause self justified division. The slogan “Never Leave Your Partner Behind,” makes all the sense in the world each time I’ve watched the movie. Far too often, we find couples that have purposefully left their partners behind whether it’s emotionally, spiritually, psychologically; they have just checked out.

How do we get them back? I believe, that’s where unconditional love and respect come in – this is the ability to seek God’s love and respect and wash our spouses in it – regardless of their response. That’s the largest Christian message in this film and should be how we determine to live our lives daily. It’s difficult and will most certainly challenge us, but God has created and chosen us to live out this type of honor, not only towards Him, but more importantly, here on earth, to our spouses.

Also, take a look at our Pastor's most recent sermon and share your thoughts.

LIFE LESSON 14: BE CHRIST TO YOUR UNSAVED HUSBAND from David Randolph Holder on Vimeo.

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