Saturday, September 19, 2009

Covenant Marriage: Oprah Can't hang!!!

Hey Covenant Groupies,

A couple of days ago Oprah (truly not one of my favorite people) made some remarks about her relationship with Stedman and why they haven’t gotten married after 20 years. There’s more to this comment, but this is all that has been posted to date.

I wonder if the heart of an attentive and loving man is far less appealing to her than the millions of fans who sing her praises daily. Does she purposefully impact his life? Is she as magnificent to him as the world tells her she is to them? When she gives him a gift, does he respond the same way her audience does? Does he blog about her? Does he live his life surrendered to her every word? Has he made her his God? Does he wish he had her money and fame? Can she really just go home at the end of the day and simply be loved by him or does she have to gain the whole world?

Read it and share your thoughts.

“Had we made the official marriage commitment, we wouldn’t still be together. The reason the relationship works is that we get to define it on our terms. It would be very different if we were in a ‘traditional’ relationship where I was expected to be a wife and every now and then cook a meal!”

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