Wednesday, September 2, 2009

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Can the Wife be the Primary Provider and the Husband Still Feel Like a Man?

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Not a topic so easily or joyfully discussed, but Kevin and I often have the "talk" about those moments when I made more money than he did. Did I continue to treat him like a man or did I take on an attitude that screamed he didn't deserve to still be treated with respect? The state of the economy has turned many houses upside down. Husbands have been fired; resulting in roles changing. He's now Mr. Mom and he's far from comfortable. The wife has become the sole provider; sometimes resulting in her getting a second job even.

What does this do to the man emotional, physically, physiologically, and spiritually?

He doesn't feel like a man anymore, he's depressed, scared and uncertain. Whereas, some wives are indulging in this newfound power to call the shots. She's now taken on both roles and feels invincible. Scary; but true.

How does a man stay home and take on his wife's role and still feel like a man and how does he get his wife to give him back his rightful place?

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