Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lesson in Respect: A Walk in My Husbands Shoes - LITERALLY

Hey Covenant Groupies,

A year ago today the movie “Fireproof” was release and became the #1 selling Christian film of 2008. Last night our marriage ministry at NYCC had an amazing night hosting a “Fireproof” Movie Date Night with about 20 couples. The discussion afterwards was terrific as well. When we wrapped up Kevin took the men aside to offer them a challenge in loving their wives and I, in turn, pulled the women aside and offered them a challenge to respect their husbands more. The challenge was well received. Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to act upon my challenge immediately.

As we dispersed for the evening Kevin and I were running to catch the train and I quickly realized how chilly it was outside and my feet were cold in my open-toed shoes. However, I said nothing. By the time we go to our next stop, I mentioned to Kevin that I was cold because my feet were cold. His first response was, “I don’t want you to be cold, so why don’t you put my shoes on.” He carried an extra pair to work that morning. Now, from time to time, we’d laugh about how, although a little big, I could fit his shoes. These were his soft bottom suede loafers that I’ve always loved on him, that are a bit worn, but I never wanted to wear his shoes, LITERALLY, I was just cold.

So, without further reservation, I put them on. Here I was thinking I just wanted warm feet, but instead I got a unique opportunity to walk in my husbands shoes. Almost every step I took I looked down and saw the hours Kevin stands on his feet, the miles he takes to ride on public transportation, the dedication he puts in daily to provide for our family. What does he think about when he wears these shoes was one of my thoughts. I wanted him to know what my thoughts were as I wore HIS shoes, but instead, I glowed. I was able to RESPECT and empathize with what he goes though each day dealing with people and their attitudes as his feet hurt from the constant movement of wanting to be the best man he aspires to be.

There’s love, history, commitment, dedication, desire, passion, truth and tirelessness in those shoes, and I got a chance to wear them. What an honor! I felt proud wearing my husbands shoes; his symbol of provision, protection and choice.

Although I was able to walk in his shoes for a very short time, I’ve not been called to carry out his responsibilities, however, I also understand that there are things I can do to make his life a heck of a lot easier.

I commit to:
• Rub his feet more
• Continue to thank him for working
• Go out and buy him a nice warm comfortable pair of slippers (although he
will fight me on this)
• Empathize when he says he’s tired from walking
• Remember that evening as God’s way of giving me a peek into the daily
journey of my husband

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