Monday, September 14, 2009

Divorce American Style

Hey Covenant Groupies,

This weekend, I watched a film Kevin had seen before and found it truly full of insight. For instance, this film, released in 1967, unveiled some very hard truths about marriage, love, singleness and the work that really goes into making a marriage work. I was intrigued to see that 42 years ago men were still asking for respect and women were crying out for love. When neither need was met, divorce became the only option. This is the only trailer I could find of this film and an additional link below. If you get a chance watch this and let me know your thoughts.

Movie Synopsis
An unhappy couple discover breaking up really is hard to do in this satiric comedy. Richard Harmon (Dick Van Dyke) and his wife, Barbara (Debbie Reynolds), are a typical married couple in American Suburbia -- which is to say they're not very happy with each other. After 15 years together, Richard and Barbara decide they've reached the end of their collective rope, and after several rounds of marriage counseling proves fruitless, they file for divorce.

Soon they’ll discover divorce may not have been the best decision.

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