Monday, October 19, 2009

The Ultimate Miracle: The Gift of Offering

Hey Covenant Groupies,

During my morning reading I read John 6:1-15. At the end of chapter 5, Jesus had just finished telling the Jewish leaders “who He is” and how HE doesn’t do ANYTHING without first being told by the Father to do it. Mind you the disciples also where present. As well He talked about how the Father and John the Baptist would testify about Him; He would not do it Himself. He convicted them of not believing in Him and His miracles because they did not have God’s love in their heart – WHOA!

Fast forward and Jesus decides to cross the Sea of Galilea and a huge crowd follows Him. In the mist of the teaching people become hungry. The disciples go to Jesus to ask what they should do – they had no food or money. All of the experience, resources, walking with Christ and they thought that feeding, what amounted to be 5,000 people, would be impossible for God. Did they not have God’s love in their heart? They had personally witnessed Jesus’ miracles for some time now.

Among the 5,000, Andrew found a young boy who had five barley loaves and two fish, he offered to give the little he had to Jesus. Jesus gave thanks to God for the bread and the fish, fed EVERYONE and there were leftovers. The boy sacrificed the little he had just to be among the many that witness how BIG God really is.

This scripture made me wonder about offering. What do we offer God – daily? Do we offer a lot, a little, or nothing at all? Do we offer up what God has already provided for us and watch Him work? I wonder if our marriages, husbands, wives, children, community, friends, careers, choices, prayer lives, Christian walk, Spiritual Gifts etc become part of what we offer back to God.

The young boy in the scripture offered Jesus what certainly looked impossible, but I believe his faith and Jesus’ desire to get people to understand who He was, created a wonderful miracle. This boy’s perspective was simply, nothing is too hard for God. He looked at the eternal ramifications not the earthly situation. What a great lesson for us all.

Do we avail ourselves to God for his service? Do we offer up what little we have in order to see God work HUGE humanly impossible miracles? This Covenant He’s created with us in our marriages requires that we constantly offer something; our weaknesses, our inability to love, our fears, our hurts, our selfishness, our compassion, mercy, grace, our service, our submission etc.

We must be mindful of our offerings to God – they certainly do matter. The miracle is obviously in the offering.

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