Monday, October 26, 2009

Obey God – Give Unconditionally

Hey Covenant Groupies,

As you alredy know, I love Dr. Larry Crabb and his biblical perspective on marriage. He's totally committed to God's Word when it comes to the Covenant of Marriage. Many other Christian authors use his quotes and I found one today.

Read it below:

"The willingness to give unconditionally does not come by simply deciding to be selfless. The stain of self-centeredness requires many washings before it no longer controls our motivation. Many commitments to minister and much time spent with God will transpire before we know what it means to give. Our job is to learn faithfulness and to press on in obedience, not giving in to discouragement or weariness, believing that God will always honor the conscious and persevering motivation to serve Him. When a spouse becomes more critical, drinks more heavily, or rejects efforts of ministry, we are to continue in our obedience, believing that our responsibility before God is to obey and trust Him for the outcome." – Lawrence J. Crabb Jr.

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