Thursday, October 22, 2009

QUESTION OF THE DAY! - Have You Had to Eat Your Words?

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Kevin is soooo much better today. Thank God!

Since Wednesday is officially "Question of the Day!" day and we missed it yesterday, I have one for you today.

Before you were married were the monitoring of your words an important element of your relationship? Did you commit to not saying certain things to your spouse like being unkind, rude, disrespectful, holding on to resentments, bitterness, grudges or anger. As well, did you make a conscious decision to always be loving and hold no hate or disdain for this person you stood across from with tear in your eyes?

Like me, I'm quite sure you did. However, tell me how that's worked out for you. Currently, I'm laughing because I know I haven't been completely successful.

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