Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OUR CHOICE: Know God – Know Covenant No God – No Covenant

Hey Covenant Groupies,

I thought of something today that was brought to my attention sometime last year when Kevin and I had the “Covenant vs. Contract” by Dave Brown and Philip Waugh small group at our home. We talked about knowing God through your spouse. Not a popular concept to wrap your head around when you first hear it, but powerful all the same.

To be exact, it reads, “Learn about God from each other…because what you believe about God greatly impacts what you believe about marriage.” It goes on to say, “Just because your wedding was held in a church doesn’t make it a Covenant Marriage,” choice does. We must choose to let God demonstrate His love to others through your marriage. Seriously, how many of us think of others when we think of our marriage and how we relate to one another? But that’s what knowing God is all about – abiding in Him, getting to know him intimately and then reflecting who He is to others via our relationship.

So that means friends, family, children, co-workers, parents, etc. will either truly get to know God through the two of you - OR NOT! Will you allow your marriage to be used by God for the sake of other people's salvation.

This choice comes with trust; a trust of God and your spouse. Be aware this is not a natural trust but a supernatural one. There is absolutely no way to trust the way God calls us to with out being in relationship with Him. A marriage takes two people, but a Covenant Marriage takes three.

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