Thursday, October 15, 2009

Burden Bearers: 12 Things to Pray For Married Couples

Hey Covenant Groupies,

There's a husband and wife by the name of Revs. Tony and Kim Moore, who Pastor a church in Atlanta, GA. I've been following their marriage ministry for quite some time now and I love it! They have a truly RADICAL approach to marriage; it makes you look at yourself and then how serious we intend to exemplify Christ and the church in our marital relationships.

They recently sent out "12 Things to Pray For Married Couples" and I thought it would be more interesting to give the first six today and the following six next Tuesday. As well, I also thought it would be great to ask that you choose 5 couples that you know and pray these prayers specifically for them; for as long as you want.

This is simply an exercise in carrying another couples burdens and taking them to God in prayer.

Let me know what happens.

Father, in the Name of Jesus . . .

1. Reveal to each of them that when they said, “I do,”each made vows to You and thereby, entered into a covenant relationship with you and that You, Father never give them a reason to violate this covenant. But rather, it is Your Holy Spirit that enables them to keep the covenant and receive restoration when they violate the covenant. (Colossians-1:10,3:17)

2. Open the eyes of the hearts of husbands and wives that belong to you that they see their vows and resulting marriage covenant as the ultimate example and experience of the Christian Life. That is, that each sees the life, death, burial and resurrection of Christ as the manner and way of becoming one with each other. (Philippians 3: 9-11)

3. That husbands and wives perceive and experience the unconditional love you, Father have for each and thus they also ought to have for one another. Fill them beyond capacity with this love so that they may be able to comprehend with one another the depth, height and length of this love. (Romans 5: 5, 8)

4. Live and move in each of them, just as you were in Christ, reconciling each other to You Lord. (II Corinthians 5: 18, 19)

5. Bless each with the grace to yield to Your Life—Father Your way of thinking and behaving, even at the expense of their own pleasure and benefit. (Philippians 2: 1-8)

6. Renew their desire to keep the vows they made to by choosing to live in a manner that their spouse and all those You have given them to influence have every opportunity to intimately know You and Your Son, Jesus Christ. (I John 1: 9 and 2: 12)

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