Friday, October 16, 2009

Real Love - Creator of Your Blue Print

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Have you ever seen or known of a couple and because of how they relate to one another, immediately think to yourself, “I’d like to have what they have.” I must say I’ve never done that, but recently, I have truly admired and been excited at how the Obama’s have made black love and family exactly what it has always been; sexy, real and necessary!

I asked the above question because over the years people have, I guess innocently; maybe without even thinking, said they wanted what Kevin and I have. What that is and what it looks like to others, especially in the wake of hearing people say how fake our relationship is, how we really don’t love one another as we pretend to, how real love is not so easy and a host of other things we’ve heard. I don’t know, but I “Thank God” for exemplifying His love. And to be quite honest, we LIKE one another so very much. I can only surmise that Real Love is sometimes unrecognizable to some; it certainly was to us.

Furthermore, how do you hate on love?

Anyhoo, I’ve often wondered if people would want what we had if they knew EVERYTHING we’ve gone through to get where we are today. God is not done with us and our journey certainly wasn’t easy. Kevin and I have been through a great deal; to the point of threatening to leave one another very early on in our marriage. At the time marriage just required too much “giving up.” Neither one of us was prepared for the sacrifice; we said we were, but truly we weren’t.

It’s glorious and often comforting to have someone, something or even somewhere that gives us hope in our marital voyage; a blue print if you will that give us a glimpse of what we’d love to have. Let’s just be sure to research the creator(s) of the blue print before we leap into desiring the same road map.

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