Wednesday, April 7, 2010

QUESTION OF THE DAY! - Godly Counsel

Hey Covenant Groupies,

I recently received an email detailing some issues hovering over a friend's marriage. During the breakdown she shares that some of the things she's now sharing with me, she had already shared with a family member. Some of the stuff was bad and should not be divulged with anyone who may never be able to respect your spouse or look at them the same again.

Too often we taint our spouses image with what we share. The Bible says, we should ALWAYS seek out godly counsel when we're going through; that means taking the problem to Him and to others who are able to seperate your spouse from their actions enough so that they can give the best support, encouragement and correction.

A godly counselor will always line up their advice with the Word of God; it will not be opinionated, but imparted by the Holy Spirit, who knows all things.

So, who do you call or go to when you and your spouse has had a disagreement?

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