Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love – The Greatest (Spiritual) Gift

Hey Covenant Groupies,

If you belong to a church that teaches directly from the Bible, and I pray that you are, then you’ve been guided, taught and discipled on Spiritual Gifts; you’ve even allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal yours, right? I ask because lately, I’ve been hearing, from my church and other churches, people talk more about and receive accolades for their own personal Spiritual Gifts, than what the Bible calls the Greatest Gift – Love.

I guess, from a human perspective, we’ve been taught about love from people; how to love, why love matters, things we can do to keep it strong, how to get revenge when you’re betrayed by love. But God’s perspective is simply this: You’ll never know love until and unless you know me. I am the creator of love and nothing pleases me more than when my children love, no matter what their Spiritual Gifts are.

After reading 1 Corinthians 13 today and then studying this in the commentary, it was interesting to read that no matter your gift; whether it be prophecy, knowledge, tongues, teaching, exhortation, wisdom, prayer or whatever, it has a very short and temporary countenance and duration. We can’t take our gifts to heaven. When Christ returns, all supernatural gifts will cease. However, love is greater than all gifts; has a longer countenance and is more durable. Therefore, love follows us into eternity.

Wow, shouldn’t we then seek to do all we can in order to take our imperfect way of loving to God and ask Him, maybe even desperately beg Him to teach us how to love Him and His Children sacrificially. I remember the day I learned my Spiritual Gifts; I was so excited and ready to work, however, I never associated love as the most important ingredient needed to use my gifts in the church. It was not until I begged God to teach me to love like Him was I then able to use my gifts in my church, outside of the church and even in my marriage.

Are we not in Kingdom boot camp here on earth being prepared to live and love perfectly in Heaven?

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