Monday, April 5, 2010

Fidelity - A Hard Pill to Swallow - For Some

Hey Covenant Groupies,

This past extended weekend was fantastic. Kevin and I spent it with our family. It was so refreshing and absolutely necessary!!!!

I had something specific for dating singles to post today, but because of the state of media and the topic of much conversation, I'll save it for another day.

I'm so done!!!! I'm done with all of the talk about Tiger. Yes, Woods. There was nothing he could have said at today's press conference that would have mattered to me. But I guess, I'm not his core audience member. Or am I???? Yes, folks have missed him from the game of Golf and people are interested in knowing what his new sponsor deals will look like since he's in rehab. But me, I just don't care.

I truly am interested in his wife and children though. I don't need to see them, but I would love to know how Elin is fairing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually in the wake of all of this unanticipated attention she's still enduring because of her husbands indiscretions. There's just no way she's not still hurting.

Someone just said to me today that Tiger was expected to unfaithful. Was he? In some folks eyes he was because he's a man and his career entitles him to be attractive to many. It didn't matter that many of his peers knew of his relationships outside of his marriage. They seemed only to care because he was caught and now had blemished the sqeaky clean game of golf. What he was doing just didn't matter, at least not then.

Quite honestly, Tiger and all of those "friends" who knew about all of his "lady friends" make me sick - someone knew. Nothing mattered to them except what they wanted, not their families, friends nor the sponsors that trusted in them.

I don't want it to sound like Tiger is the worst, but I am so sick of the infidelity; the lack of care for their families, not taking vows seriously, being secretive, lying, not taking their own or their spouse's health into consideration you name it.

No wonder the unfaithful husbands exposed in recent media months (Tiger woods, Mark Sanford,John Edwards, Jesse James) have all made it to the now infamous "Unattactive List" just released today. If the character of a man is in the choices he makes, than huuuuummmmm! Character is so lacking here.

How he lives with this is between him, his god and his wife. Together, I hope they make better choices and decide that their faith really will be a strong foundation in which they can stand on, live on and be married on.

There it is, I think I got it all off my chest.

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