Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giving - A Blessed Gift

Hey Covenant Groupies,

You know today, while I was working, there a talk show on in the background and somethng struck me as I listened. The host was giving holiday gifts away and each time a gift was announced the audience roared. Then, I guess the audience was caught off guard when they were told that one of the gifts was a donation of some sort. You could hardly hear a peep.

While they, the audence was getting, they were estatic, but when it came time to give, they lost ALL interest.

While I recognize that it was a talk show, it made me think of marriage. Did any of us come into our marriages seeking to "GIVE?" I know we, those of us made in the image of God, are selfish, but my thought was, "Is that truly human nature?" This is, not doubt, a rhetorical question, but you know what I mean. Do we not know how to give or do we always want to "GET?"

Then I was also reminded of an incident a couple of weeks ago. I was getting on the bus and I had a lot of bags. I waited to let everyone get on so I'd know my place; out of the way of others. A gentleman walked up behind me and said, "Do you need help? Let me know now because it's the time of year to give otherwise, I'm getting on." I just let him go ahead of me too. But what he said, blew my mind. He actually shuts off any option to help, give assist or be polite to anyone unless the holiday called for it.

SIDE NOTE: I always want to give to Kevin; sometimes so much so that he has to ask me to stop. And it's been this way since we've been together. ALthough, I've always had/have bigs dreams for myself, none of them ever included being a wife. But since being married I've also prayed to be the wife Kevin desires, needs a deserves, otherwise, I'd operate that way I wanted to operate and only be a sad mediocre version of who I was meant to be for and to him.

People, don't get me wrong, I'm very realistic, but do folks really turn off or shut down their hearts unless their getting some"thing". "Things" are that powerful?!!!!

I now understand why people are befuddled by my attitude sometimes. I often have people ask me how I stay so happy, encouraging, joyful and constantly smiling. In a nutshell, I just can't help it, my reality is that I am free from sin and death and have been given the blessed gift of Eternal Life.

Corny I know, but I don't care, it's the truth. My liberty is the best GIFT ever!!!!!!!

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