Friday, December 18, 2009

Date Night - Some Things Just Can't Be Sacrificed

Hey Covenant Groupies,

I'm making this a quick post. It's date night!!! Am I weird or what? After almost 7 years of marriage January 2010, I'm still excited about our date nights. Kevin is too. He called today to remind me what we're doing. It's cold and a blizzard is supposedly headed to NY, so we're staying in and watching a few movies, eating something easy, fast and with our hands and then go crazy on junk food.

We've always done date night, that's not to say w haven't missed some, we have, but it has become our time to talk, take care of each other emmotionally and so much more. If it gets really good, we continue it into Saturday.

I feel this one is a two-parter.

Stay tuned, I'll fill you in tomorrow. Enjoy your evening with your spouse too.

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