Saturday, December 19, 2009

Date night Update

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Ok, so last night, after Kevin got in from work we didn't exactly watch the movie we had intended to watch. He got in late so we watched the new, more modern version of The Nativity Story. I haven't watched this story televised for years because, it has always seemed so cheesy. So, long story short, I thought this one was going to be - "cheesy."

What happened though was a more romantic and clearer picture of the story of, not only the birth of Jesus, but of Joseph and Mary. We get a glimpse of a couple that didn't really know one another because her father arranged and officiated the wedding in one day. Mary is portrayed as being an obedient and helpful teenager who quickly becomes unhappy because of her father's decision and the fact that she could no longer play with her friends. Quite honestly, I've never pictured Mary that way at all.

Alone under a tree, an angel of the Lord visits her and tells her she's going to be the mother of Jesus. Immediately she accepts what the angel says.

Then you have Joseph a young man captivated by this virtuous teenager and asks her father for her hand in marriage. Deciding to rebel and fearing that Joseph will put her away for being pregnant - breaking the Covenant they made before God and her father, Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the godly and encouraging cousin who convinces Mary that Joseph would soon understand and that she shouldn't be ashamed.

After several months, Mary returns home showing and unashamed for she knew she carried the Son of God. Initially, Joseph wasn't pleased either, until the Lord spoke to him in a dream.

It was here that Mary began grab hold of the man she had married. With the truth directly from God Joseph was courageous for and with Mary, fearless, proud, concerned, protective and truly in love. He was watchful of her, careful with hs words, willing to fight for her etc. I will not give it all away, but it was beautiful.

Neither Kevin nor I could turn away from the movie. Afterwhich, we discussed true, sacrificial and unconditional love.

Please ty to see the new version of The Nativity Story on TNT.

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