Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hey Covenant Groupies,

Just the other day I was having a conversation with a brother-in-Christ and the topic went from work to how he was excited and currently looking for a wife; wife number three to be exact. After I closed my mouth, I was then shocked to find out that he will ask this wife to sign a pre-nup. What????? Since when do Christians, who've waited patiently on the Lord for their spouse get to the point when a pre-nup is necessary? Does God not know what he's doing and who we are to be married to? Do we still, even n marriage, want to do things just like the WORLD????

Your thoughts on Christians proposing pre-nups.

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mamamiki7 said...

Fist let me say i dont agree with that but i do understand why one would feel the need. Juat because we have waited patiently for God to send us our mate doesnt mean that we will stay within the will of God. He gives us free will so 5 years in we may choose not to stay....