Monday, November 30, 2009

Holy Sex – An Act of Worship

Hey Covenant Groupies,

For some time now, I've not been amazed by how many couples are struggling with issues in their marriages, but I have been amazed how folks have CHOSEN to use sex - one of the most sacred gfts God has given us - in their marital relationships as weapons, objects of punishment and control,even manipulation and power stuggles.

I began to re-read,"Sacred Sex" by Tim Alan Gardner and immediately this is what was beautiful about delving into this book for the third time. I've forgotten as I suppose many ot you have. But, read it carefully and share your thoughts.

"Since God placed the physical union of sex at the core of His teaching about oneness – by way of creation as well as revelation – then that deep truth should bear some imprint on how we live in marriage. When God introduced the first couple to the concept of oneness, physical union was the method He created to make it happen. Sex was to be the way that a husband and wife were to touch each other’s soul.

In sex, there is the profound opportunity to explore and experience God’s deepest truths about oneness, mystery and love. There is something sanctified about sex. Sex is Holy!!!! God set it apart and gave it great spiritual purpose.

It’s a sacred place shared in the intimacy of marriage. It’s an act of worship, a sacrament of marriage that invites and welcomes the very presence of God. That’s the meaning and benefit of holy sex. God is present in a very real way every time this happens."

When was the last time you touched your spouses soul during sex? Do you know how to accomplish such a task? When was the last time you invited and welcomed God into your bedroom?

Are these things we think about before, during or after?

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