Monday, November 16, 2009

Burden Bearing - Costly But Worth It!!!!!

Hey covenant Groupies,

Have you ever noticed how painful life becomes when you step out on faith and really commit to help others in or out of the Kingdom? Maybe this is why Christians won't bother to carry the burdens of other Christian folk. It's tooo much????

Well, for the past 4 1/2 weeks Kevin and I have been getting non-stop calls from about four couples in marital distress. For hours, we've shared biblical and martial counsel - morning, noon and night with much apprehension and exhaustion from the couples. The causes of the stress range from just being tired of spouses behavior to not receiving love, support and affection.

Because we know this is our calling, Kevin and I discussed each situation, checked scripture and prayed for the couples. And almost immediately, our marriage was under attack. Kevin and I began to fight night and day over the one subject we've never fought over - Money!!!!!

We'd fight at home, in public, right before church, you name it, we were not letting up on one another. It was ugly. I dare not blame the enemy, although he's partly to blame, because he took old issues and hurts and brought those bad-boys to the surface but Kevin and I let it go on longer than necessary of our own valition. Egos, stubborness, anger and a myriad of emotions led the way. It wasn't until we both decided, while in church, to make amends, came home talk about it and apologize. It wasn't easy, but necessary.

I know scripture commands us to carry one another's burdens, and did not Jesus say, "If they crucified me, they will crucify you?" and that "the enemy comes to seek, steal and destroy." So, I knew this would possibly happen, but the degree was not comfortable.

Our and Your Lesson Here: We can't allow a bit of uncomfortability to prevent us from bearing the burden of others, especially when it's part of our purpose and calling in life. Jesus did it and so should we - gladly

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