Monday, November 23, 2009

Church - Let's Talk about Sex!!!!

Hey Covenant Groupies,

As I contemplated a topic for today, after being MIA since last Wednesday, I was led to share some thoughts on sex!

After asking the Lord which way to go, He reminded me of Pastor Ed Young who challenged his church to a "sexperiment." He asked his married congregants to have sex everyday for 7 days.

His thoughts on the subject were that he could tell the temperature of a marital relationship by the couples sex life. As well, since we, the church have allowed the world to pervert sex, God's gift to married folk, then we should be willing to talk about it openly and engage in it - BOLDLY. He's also asking that couples share their thoughts about the 7 days in a journal.

Now, as I remembered seeing this challenge on TV, I loved it then and I love it now. I believe the church should NEVER allow folks to get married and leave them to their own devices in any aspect of marriage and especially in the bedroom. But I digress.

I began to ask, "Why is it so necessary for the church to step into the bedroom of married couples? Although I know it's correct and it is God' way, my question was more rhetorical than literal, besides God's Word says, "that EVERYTHING that God created is GOOD." I believe this wholeheartedly and I suppose if we were to have anyone invade our bedrooms, it would only make sense that it's the church; the leaders that God has appointed to oversee us and the group of church family that's seeking to live life according to God's Will alongside us. OK, got it.

Now, after "getting it," again I wonder, "What next?" Exactly, where do we go from here?" Couples step up to the plate and actually have sex for 7 days, now what? Do we allow one another to coast into another "wall" of distruction? As you see: 1) I don't have issues with the challenge or the church talking about and supporting healthy sex between married couples, but 2) I do have plenty of questions about consistency, longevity, sustainability etc.

Kevin and I want the challenge to work we're just afraid the solution may be temporary.

Share your thoughts on this subject

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