Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pray Together - I Dare You!!!!!!

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Another long day, but I wanted get your thoughts on this quandry that reigns in Christian marriages. After talking to couples for years, it has often surprised Kevin and me that we've never, did I say NEVER encounterd a couple that was struggling in their marriage that committed to praying together. They prayed apart, but never together.

Funny thing is, although their marital relationship was undoubtedly rocky, they felt and believed that their relationship with God was great. How so? When you avoid allowing God to assist you in His Covenant marriage, you leave it to chance and God-forbid divorce.

Our minds are often boggled when we'd sit across or with a couple and find out that praying for their spouses, their situation and their marriage had never crossed their minds as a necessity; as the initial work we personally begin to get to a solution.

How do we get to the point in our relationship where true intimacy; the act of praying - eternal is usurped by sex - temporal? Humanity has accepted sex as the pinnacle of intimacy. So, when it's time for prayer, unashamed intimacy is often avoided and we shreek from it. We even attached phrases to our spouses as reasons why we don't pray; we're not speaking right now, I 'm not feeling my spouse right now, He/she didn't do what I asked them to do, They didn't buy me the gift I asked for etc.

That's just the beginning of this conversation, but I had to share.

What are some reasons you've heard why couples don't pray?

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