Monday, November 2, 2009

God's Divine Power - Let It Rest On and In Us!!

Hey covenat Groupies,

I've had a long day and I can't believe that I'm just getting to the blog. Nevertheless, I wanted to share an incident with you. Kevin and I were about a block away from church and, out of nowhere, our wonderful discussion turned into an argument. It was not loud or animated (I stress that because we were in public), so I wasn't embarrassing him and vice versa. But you know that moment in a disagreement that becomes the defining moment of unpleasantness and o=you can't seem to take it back.

Well, we had one of thse moments.

It was Kevin walking away from me in the middle of the disagreement, me fuming. He called me on the cell and asked me to come on down the street because, yess, I stayed in the exact spot he left me in. As I proceeded to tell him how disrespectful that was, he began to tell me how he had to walk away because he was etting frustrated. Before I knew it, I hung up on him. What an awful awful choice. i don't ever do that!

WOW! That is one of the most disrespectful things I think anyone can do and I did it - out of anger and hurt. As soon as I saw him I apologized to him and he gave me a bagel, but in our hearts we knew it was not resolved, so neither of us took Communion.

Funny thing, I wasn't angry at him at all. I didn't pray in that moment, so I don't know why I wasn't still angry because his walking away from me tried to play over and over in my head and keep me in that moment.

I have no words to describe what happened.

However, today as I read the word, my study was 2 Peter 1:3 "... His divine power gives us everything we NEED to live a godly life." I summize that God's divine power rested itself on me in that tough moment and allowed me to enjoy an amazing service, my family, fellowship and not dwell on the man that walked away from me earlier that morning, but the man that bought me the bagel - my friend, my husband.

Today we purposely and quietly talked about it, apologized to one another, asked for forgiveness and committed to take communion.

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