Monday, July 26, 2010

Marital Discovery-Misplaced Anger and Fear

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Kevin and I had a truly amazing weekend!!! It was full of sponteneity, fun, excitement and the Lord.

We had several great conversations this weekend, but on Saturday in particular, one of the most interesting ones was concerning Mel Gibson and how men tend to deal with anger.

We were discussing how a man that was in a 30 year relationship and bore 7 children with his wife, then becomes this raving lunatic that we've seen lately. Additionally, we discussed how, often men especially when they make bad choices began to lash out due to the overarching feeling of failure and guilt.

Let's be clear, neither Kevin nor I believe that all of this MG "crazy" popped up out of nowhere, but instead that the stability of his past relationship gave him a sense of security and balance and his anger was probably better managed. Ultimately allowing his rants to be comforted by his wife and then distinquished by her love for him.

Why they didn't stay married is a matter that they know and must live with. Obviously, Mel isn't dealing with this too well.

Then you have this fresh relationship wher he again, bears a child with his girlfriend, but Mel not feeling so into her and their relationship anymore begins to feel trapped because of the child, which now binds them for life.

To my knowledge, Mel Gibson has never faced domestic violence charges in his 30 year relationship with his ex- wife; how does this rage just show up? Does the never-ending feeling of being trapped in a less than healthy relationship bring out this type of anger in men?

Maybe his life as a man began to feel meaningless and less satisfying without the stability of his once stable home.

Maybe he questioned his relationship with God.

Maybe he felt like he was betraying the life he once had and did not deserve to move on.

I don't know, but there certainly is a huge battle raging inside of him and if he doesn't recognize it and get a hold of it soon, he will be lost forever and lose whatever may be left of him.
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