Friday, July 16, 2010

Supernatural Love - No Ordinary Love

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Well, as you can see, we've been MIA. So much, professionally, spiritually and personally, has gone on in the past week it's just too much to get into. So, I'll leave it for some other time.

I do want to sahre this though. Recently, in the past couple of weeks, Kevin and I have been in the company of some amazing friends and each one of them made individual, uncollaborated comments about our marriage. One couple said they wanted what we have, another said that we're the perfect model for marriage, that the ministry of marriage is our calling and another said that they've never seen a couple like us, ever but now they know that real love is possible.

Growing up, I never learned that marriage was meant for others. I was taught, instead, that I was to mind my business when it came to personal intimate relationships of others. And I did. Boy, times have changed. To hear folk speak so boldly, openly and complimentary about something so sacred as our marriage, often puzzles us. Since we live it each day, we'd like to see what they see.

Under ordinary circumstances this can cause some folks to get puffed up and a bit prideful, but these are our friends and they know that these words, for us, have absolutely nothing to do with us and we always give God the glory. The love they see is God! This way of loving is not natural, but totally supernatural. For me marriage is spelled, K-E-V-I-N.

God broke through some severe ugliness, with a lot of resistance on our behalf to get us just to where we are now. So, I know what people say is a true testiment to two people being broken so that God shall forever get the glory.

At this stage in my marriage I don't know how to not look at my husband and be in love with him, how to touch him and not be excited, how to watch him leave for work each day and not Thank God for him, how to hear him say I love you and never ever want to hear anyone else say it, how to fight with him and not feel broken and less than, how to hold his hand and not feel so completely safe, how to smell him and not know that I can carry it with me no matter where I go, to know that Friday is coming and still look forward to date night, how to hear him pray and be thankful that he's invited me into his soul, how when I see him, I know with every fiber in my body that God made me specifically for him.

We train consisitently and intently not to love our way, but God'way.

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