Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A New Road – A New View

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Well Kevin and I have arrived; arrived at this new place in our marriage. It’s like being on the road with your favorite person for an extended period and then you scan the map only to realize there’s a new road coming up. You’re almost hesitant to embark on this new road. On this new road, everything’s new: the sites, sounds, requests, desires, the person you’re with and even how you see the journey that you’re on begins to look different; even better.

We’re making plans for a more exciting and full life. We’re planning fun-filled days and romantic evenings. We’re beginning to look forward to the simpler things in life while keeping ourselves healthy, operating in our ministry and loving one another immensely. Too often we, get stuck in a marriage flow and can’t seem to get out of it. We were in a flow. We’re now coming out.

I guess, for many couples, it may have taken longer than necessary because no one wants to admit that they’ve hit that flow. Wouldn’t we then have to blame someone for the flow? No, not really, we didn’t blame one another, but we did admit it and began on a Mission Statement, A Marriage Plan and a Marital Reassessment.

I’ve noticed that this new road is inviting new elements to our lives. We’re listening to one another more, maybe even better than before, we’re discussing our spiritual journey, we’re calm and patient with one another and our love is so ALIVE!

Recently, we’ve been in lifestyle, health and domestic mode. We’re car shopping, remodeling our place and sticking to all of our doctors appointments. Why, you ask? Because for us, all of these things at this stage in our lives, have become important to us. Yes, unfortunately, we’ve missed several Dr’s appointments, put aside some much needed painting and decorating, and have been rather comfortable without a car for almost 5 years. For the past several years, work has literally consumed us. We’ve not gone on a vacation in 10 years, boy do we need one.

So, here we are, we’ve arrived. With all of this newness waiting for us to join it and we're game.

Stay tuned as we journey on this new road. This is new for us. We truly believe that God has some great and interesting things in store for us and we’re excited to share it with you.

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