Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Mother's Love: Mother-in-Law, That Is

Hey Covenant Groupies,

How we pray that you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend! Ours was quite interesting to say the least.

Well, with that said, Kevin and I spent our date night, last Friday, listening to a beautiful mix of music; Classic R and B, Hip-Hop, CCM, Gospel, you name it. We spent the evening singing our heats out!It was blissful!

Then, out of the blue an old Stlystics song came on and Kevin became quiet. He was thinking of his Mom, who he was very close to and who we lost 2 years ago. He told me that as a kid he often knew the mood of his Mom depending on the music she listened to. This song, in particular, meant that she was sad.

Soon we just started talking about her and how much fun she was, how funny and insightful she was etc. Then the Lord quickly reminded me of why I have always called her "The Best Mother-in-Law Ever."

From the first time we met she knew Kevin and I were getting married. Her immediate gift to me was to give me snippets of who her son was; his mood swings and what they meant; how to deal with them and how not to let them come between us. She also shared his emotional hurts, how people hurt him and how he's dealt with them, his fears and so much more.

Over the years there have been things about Kevin he's not been able to express to me, but thanks to his Mom I recognize them, thank her and ask the Lord how to deal with Kevin in a loving manner.

I've always look at her giving as a beautifully wrapped precious gift with delecate instructions of care in order to get the best out of it for a very long time.

Not many people can say the same about their mother-in-law, but I truly miss mine and thank God for her heart of giving. She simply refused to let me/us start off not knowing the truth. Now that's unconditional love!!!!!

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