Monday, August 2, 2010

Modern Day Courting - Singles Let's Raise our Standard

Hey Covenant Groupies,

What is going on with you all? I can't tell you busy my days have been. For some reason, I thought that my Summer months in the office would be just like my Winter Spring months; they ususally are, but not now. I have been overtaken by paperwork, client meetings, article writings, interviews you name it, I'm doing it. I'm so not complaining though. I just miss posting blogs.

So, here we go. Yesterday, Kevin and I heard something strange, yet refreshng. We listened to a Pastor share a story of a couple, not a young couple either, a rather seasoned couple approached him and asked for his permission to date one another.

He went on to informed them that they didn't need his permission, but he did appreciate that they trusted him enough and looked to him as a father figure to even ask. The Pastor said that he did the same thing over 30 years ago with his soon to be girlfriends' father, not his Pastor.

Why don't we do this anymore people? Why don't we trust our elders enough to seek their counsel when courting? Maybe we could save ourselves from so much hearache and trauma tha comes along with bad and untimely relationships. We miss out on their wisdom, experiences, and even certain standards that should be considered when dating.

I certainly didn't grow up in a "traditional" home, but when Kevin asked my Mom for my hand in marriage, I found it quite endearing. My Mom is one of those people that you either respect or you don't. She doesn't demand it, but her beliefs are strong and highly character driven. She kinda makes you want to be on point with manners, whether you're thinking about it or not.

Just like the Pastor wondered of himself, Kevin and I wanted to know exactly what that couple saw in this man and his character that made him worthy of such a life-altering question? We don't know the answer yet, but we concluded that this says a great deal about this man on and off the pulpit

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