Friday, July 2, 2010

Losing a Child: A Dream Deferred?

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Well, today cold be a rough day for me, but fortunately, it's not. Five years ago today, Kevin and I lost a baby while in our 2nd trimester. Yes, it was devestating and painful. I wasn't going to write about this-at all, but the Lord has led me to.

As much as Kevin and I desire children, as much as we were looking forward to being parents and as much as we enjoyed the entire pregnancy process we do believe that God had and has so much in store for us. We do relate so well to many of the couples in the Bible who were unable to bear children, at the same time we know that God opens and closes the womb and whatever He has in store for us, our prayer is that we remain true to dedicating our children back to God, try to remain as blameless as possible as we teach them God's ways and keep our arms wide open just like the prodigal's father.

Because of a promise from God, we've continued to live our lives waiting patiently on the Lord. He is not a man that he should lie. And although it may not happening when we desire it to, we do know that, often, deferred dreams are some day awaken in order to begin journey's that lead to dynamic legacies.

We're ready!!!!!

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