Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey Covenant Groupies,

We've all been watching patiently as man after man, celebrity after celebrity, Clergyman after Clergyman and Politician after Politician admit to his infidelity; his inability to remain self-controlled. Of course, it's after they've been caught and/or about to be exposed that they're gun-ho to confess. Families have been destroyed because of their inability to remain true to their vows. Then we have Mark Sanford who asked his wife not to include the vows of fidelity at their wedding ceremony.

Yes, they are men. Yes, they have shortcomings, Yes, they are imperfect, but then after all has hit the fan, these same men are asking their wives to stand by their sides during their downfall.

I say, what nerve. Why not allow the wive times to assess what has just happened. The men have been living this "other" life for however long and the wive are expected to just fall into place and support their men.

What would you do ladies? How would you handle this? Could you handle this?

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