Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey Covenant Groupies,

Marital Compassion - A Model of Christs' Love.

If we're honest, we'd be the first to admit that our spouses have endured a great deal of pain during their lifetime; unbearable pain that has yet to be healed. We too, have suffered the same if not worse. However, when we get married, there are some things we can do, although we didn't cause this pain, that will show support and encouragement that will draw and seal our heart's together like nothing else can: COMPASSION.

Jesus, was so intentional in displaying compassion to EVERYONE. He did not discriminate against the thief, adulterer, liar, astrologer, tax collecter, fisherman, betrayer etc. And neither should we.

When pain comes in your spouses direction, how do you repond? Do you run and hide? Do you avoid them? Or Do you show them compassion? If you show compassion, how do you do that?

Would they say that you're there for them when they need you? If you were put on trial for having compassion for your spouse, would there be enough evidence present to find you guilty?

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