Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Weaknesses – God Is Attracted To Them All

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Based on 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

First of all, in life, much less in marriage, no on wants to seem weak – fragile, frail, incapable, unable - not strong. This leaves us vulnerable to be used and abused; whether intentional or unintentionally by those we know and love as well as those we don’t know. Who wants that life? Realistically, no one does. But God calls us to bring our weaknesses to him. What’s even more paradoxical, He doesn’t want the weakness we choose to bring to Him, but ALL of them; the ones we know about and the ones we don’t know about, the ones that are masked as strengths, the ones that were inflicted on us by others and on and on.

One of the most beautiful things about God is that He won’t tell our little secrets with others and He won’t embarrass us in front of the proverbial “company”. If we don’t know or won’t acknowledge all of our weaknesses, God will reveal them to us during our personal time with Him, when we’re walking down the street, eating dinner, shopping, while in church, sitting on the train, while driving to work etc. His DESIRE is that we desire to be changed and not be bound by our weaknesses when He’s more than please to remove them.

When we are weak, God is strong. This is and shall forever be the Christian’s paradox: Once we acknowledge our weaknesses we make room for God’s awesome and amazing Grace. When we welcome His Grace we are then introduced to His good will and good work for us. We are enlivened, encouraged, and supported by Gods perfect power. As well, we are more purposeful to do the work of the Lord in a Spirit that truly seeks to glorify Him. When we recognize ourselves as being weak all by ourselves, then we make the wise choice and run straight to God and it is here that He affords us His whole strength.

I believe God is attracted to our weaknesses, because, we are who He’s called to be His ambassadors here on earth, we are made in His image and we are Holy because He is Holy – faults and all. How HOT is that?It’s our faults that truly prove to the world that the miraculous wonders are His. We could never do the impossible, the mighty, the good, the faithful, the honorable, and the truthful “things” without Him. And as often a possible, we should tell people that.

Only God is perfect, so in us He shows the world who He really is through His chosen children. We are His instruments. Instruments cannot be played or used properly without someone breathing life/air (proper air) into them. Otherwise they/we are useless. They/we just sit by doing nothing, being nothing and purposeful in nothing – without God. The strong, authoritative and powerful God loves and uses only His weak, imperfect and powerless children.

The laboratory of marriage will always test our strengths against our weaknesses, let’s allow our God and our spouses unveil them both to us – out of love.

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