Monday, February 15, 2010

Honoring Holidays - Its Truth or THE TRUTH

Hey Covenant Groupies,

How is everyone today? I feel compelled to reiterate on Saturday's post concerning Valentine's Day. But before I go on, I'd like to let you all know that Kevin and I went to church yesterday and came home. We didn't do anything special, but it was a special day, because it was filled with love, laughter and time filled with so much quality, it was priceless.

So, onto today's post. Someone asked me yesterday why we don't celebrate Valentine's Day and at first, I didn't want to answer the question - AGAIN. But the question came from someone who is relatively new as a Christian and is truly enjoying his journey. So, after talking about Kevin and my opposing the excessive materalism, cupid and St. Valentine himself, I closed by saying that "love comes from God and not cupid. Who the heck is cupid and why does he have to pierce me with an arrow in order for me to fall in love? When we celebrate something, we inadvertently honor its truth, not THE TRUTH. Unfortunately, many people, even Christians have forgotten that."

God's love is pure, honest, sustaining, victorious and truthful and on any given day it should be celebrated. That's where "Lovers Day" comes from for us. When Kevin and I go through our stuff, it's not cupid who sustaines and mentors us. It's not his WORD that's embedded in our hearts and it's not cupid's Holy Spirit that convicts me when I need reassusrance that God truly loves me. It's always been God's intentional love for Kevin and Me.

As colorful and exciting as the world has made Valentine's Day, unfortunately, it has become, for some people an awful reminder that are alone. A friend of mine emailed me yesterday and said how he hated Valentine's Day because he's not married. That broke my heart and what a dreadful feeling for someone to live with. Equally, I also thought that that's a lot of power to give a day! Understandably, everybody wants somebody to love, but what do you do in the meantime; learn to receive PERFECT love from God in order to give PERFECT love everyday until that person comes along. Just a suggestion.

Even for me, it took a while to realize that Valentine's Day is not a day for love, EVERYDAY proves a perfect opportunity to be a lover to someone; Mom, Dad, spouse, friends, children, nieces, nephews, neighbors and even strangers.

Now that's THE TRUTH; God's TRUTH!!!

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