Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Sexiness of Marriage: Authority and Submission

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Let’s face it ladies, when our men take the position of authority in the home whether it be working everyday, praying, or even coming to our rescue when something goes wrong , isn’t it one of the sexiest thing you ever seen and experienced in your life? For me, there's nothing sexier.
Likewise men, when your wives submit to that very same authority, honoring your desire to work, trusting your heart for prayer and allowing you to rescue her, isn’t she the most beautiful creature ever witnessed? She' allowing you to be just who God created you to be; a leader, a hunter and protector.

I know I talk a lot about authority and submission but I think it’s because it’s primarily where we fall our shortest and hardest know it was mine and EVERY man and woman I’ve ever spoken to. The Word specifically tells us that in order for these two things; authority and submission to be accomplished, we must be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit. However, we deny His presence and choose to live very mundane, powerless and unfulfilling marriages by doing things our way in our own strength; or should I say weaknesses.

Furthermore, we choose then to blame our spouses for our unhappiness and engage in the elementary game of tit-for-tat. No one chooses to be the grown up. That’s why I love the title of Gary Thomas’ book, “Sacred Marriage: What if God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?” This is one of the most profound questions ever asked about marriage. Sadly, far too often we attempt to be Holy without the Holy Spirit and our marriages hardly ever or never fully reaches its designed potential.

If being a Christian is supposed to be exciting and fulfilling, it’s no wonder we become bored and give up so frequently. Without the Holy Spirit, we are just mere failures. We use our limited intellect to maneuver through God’s Word, seeking his purpose for our lives and marriages and in desiring to do His Will. In the end, we feel like failures and become so, because nothing exposes our failure more than constantly failing; failing to obey and surrender. But whose fault is it if we’ve been given a helper and we don’t utilize Him?

The Holy Spirit is the ONLY one that can teach us how to truly live out God’s Covenant for marriage.

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