Monday, August 9, 2010

When the Warrior Takes a Break

Hey Covenant Groupies,

Recently, while speaking with another impassioned wife about marriage; we specifically began to talk about those moments when the roles become reversed in our relationships.

Oftentimes when the characteristics of manly strength, power decision making and confidence that we love reigning from out husbands then fall heavily on us, we admitted that we felt a certain way about this and them.

We had to admit to ourselves and each other that we don't like it; it's really unappealing to us as women; as wives. Not because women feign power (we actually love it), but because we know deep within the recesses of our men that's how they function best; by being powerful and strong. When their best is defaulted to us we begin to walk that very thin line of operating outside of our true role and we are now taking on both his role and ours.

For me, I believe that can be, both good and dangerous. Good because sometimes the helper has to become the leader, authority and head (within limits, of course). Dangerous because, as Pastor Tony Evans says, When a husband relinquishes his rightful godly role and his wife has to pick it up, trying to get that authority back from her is truly difficult.

As multitaskers, we've found in recent decades that we can do both and do them successfully. But soon we realize that we resent the men that have put us in this dual role of responsibility and other men are treated with disdain too.

But as my friend and I continued our conversation about our husbands (respectfully of course), we quickly realized that, not only was this conversation necessary for us to confess some ungodly feelings about our men to one another and lift them up in prayer, but we were also holding one another accountable in our perspective marriages to pray for and with one another.

As wives, we dared to venture into that water and not see ourselves. Our men work hard and treat us truly well. There are days when that manly warrior is going to need to pull from our woman warrior, just a bit and it's okay. Every warrior needs to take a break and relax a little.

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