Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 5 - Day 11 of the 70 Most Important Things We've Learned Over the Years

Hey Groupies,

The holiday had us heavy and a bit lazy, but full of thoughts. Here are days 5-11. 

Hope you enjoy!

Day 5 - Defining your marriage by other marriages will hold you hostage to perfection until and unless you know exactly what they went through to get there.

Day 6 - Keeping unhealthy people out of your marriage - PRICELESS!

Day 7 - Keeping the marriage Holy, that's God's work; keeping you Holy, that's all you as you depend on God

Day 8 - How you actually feel and what you believe about your spouse WILL come out in how you speak to them

Day 9 - Submission is the most beautiful and powerful thing a women can bestow upon her man

Day 10 - Keeping unresolved issues alive in marriage will lead to hurt, bitterness, pain and resentment

Day 11 - To allow work to become or even look like it's more important than your spouse is dangerous

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