Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 15-20 of 70 of the Most Important Things We've Learned Over the Years

Day 15) Praying for and with your spouse is incredibly-incredibly important and necessary for marital survival! Nothing sustains a husband and wife like the intimacy of prayer.

Day 16) Keep family and friends OUT of your marriage - ALWAYS!

Day17) A Pastor, mature married couple and accountability friends are the best way to go to when you need marital advice, correction and support. We all need godly counsel!


Day 19) Decide early on why you want to be married. Without truly understanding the "why" of marriage, you will enter it with expectations so unrealistic, your marriage will appear to be failing before it even begins. 

Day 20) Create a solid plan for your marriage. We create plans for EVERYTHING we want to last and have a legacy: businesses, children's future, ministries, why not our marriages?

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